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3x ETF BITX update post close

Just a quick update on BITX

We had alerted a double up "IF" we hit $49 and as soon as $49 was hit to scale in to a max of 49.50 adding on all dips etc.

11 am EST area we hit 48.98, then again one hour late at 48.95 today

So if you followed the double up to 20% parameters, we then had opportunities from 49-49.50 off and one today, see…

3x ETF End of Week Notes

End of week notes

TNA ended today at 36.06 and I would call our average scale in price today about 36.25 given we had a 35.75 low and a lot of 36.30 range trading

SOXL dropped to 34 more or less on the nose as I projected but did not issue an alert, still watching.

We are long TNA , YINN, and SPXL going into next week 10% positions each

Have a…

SRP Stock Swing Alert

Sharing a sample in real time of a current SRP (stockreversalspremium.com) swing trade service trade alert sent yesterday, around current prices today.  This membership I have been running since August 2009 with 70% success rates in all markets.  A combination of Market forecast models updated daily , swing trade top ideas list published every week, and swing trade alerts with morning reports, updates, SMS Text, Email, Post on all alerts, Buy-Sell advice…

Stocktwits Members Welcome

Existing members that are not coming over from Stocktwits today can ignore this post.

If you are coming over from Stocktwits via migration today 1/19/14  this will be the new platform from here forward. 

Full website here

Log in with Email in the upper right corner of website at Sign In... and you will get Email back to sign in, then you can set up a Password etc if you wish and…

Text Alert Sign Up

SMS Text alerts for Trades only is now available. I will send an SMS text to notify you on new trade alerts buy or sell, in addition to the usual E-mail and Post you will get as well.  SMS text is a fast delivery to your phone/device so you do not miss timely advice.

SMS Alert Sign Up Form: